A Conversation for Wizard Lore - an Introduction


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Blackberry Cat , if one wishes to remain an individual in the midst of the teeming multitudes, one must make oneself grotesque

excellent entry but sadly no mention of my favourite wizard, the incompetent Schmendrick (around long before Rincewind I think) from the excellent story 'The Last Unicorn' by Peter S. Beagle


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and Raistlin...he should definately be up there
since not only is he really cool and a very powerful wizard (or mage, whichever term you prefer), he's got unique feature's and look to him (ah...the hourglass eyes...). plus there's the distinct lack of Dragonlance stuff on here (which i should probably do something about sometime).
One of the really great things that I love about Raistlin is that there's a lot of development in his character that's often lacking in the usual wizards that i see. You can really se his personality development over the course of the various books.

ummm...so...yeah...that's my little ranty-majjig about him...

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