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Major Heebiejeebies

Post 21

David B - Singing Librarian Owl

Sorry to join this conversation over a year late, but my reaction is smiley - bigeyes or possibly smiley - wow. Yes, poor chicken, but that is rather smiley - cool in an odd sort of way...


Major Heebiejeebies

Post 22

Baron Grim

Well, I still say..

smiley - runsmiley - yikessmiley - dragonsmiley - ermsmiley - illsmiley - grrsmiley - yuk

Major Heebiejeebies

Post 23


smiley - laugh

Major Heebiejeebies

Post 24

Rojo Habe (48-1+2-7)

Wow! Was that really over a year ago? That means I must be over 40 now.


Major Heebiejeebies

Post 25

Icy North

The BBC finally got around to pilfering this entry for their BBC News Magazine site:


Major Heebiejeebies

Post 26

Baron Grim

I'd hardly call that pilfering.

When I saw that the BBC were covering Mike's story, I easily decided I would skip that story, but with your post here, I had to go back and read the BBC story and reread the h2g2 entry as well. The BBC story has a lot of information I hadn't previously seen.

As I said before though, this story still gives me the major heebiejeebies.
smiley - yikes
smiley - run
smiley - nur
smiley - run

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