A Conversation for Satanism


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Pedantic Programmer

I understand what you are getting at; you can't simply make up your own language and expect everyone to believe it.

There is a common brainwashing technique that I have noticed (or logical fallacy that people are suceptible to - whatever you like to call it), in school, if I remember correctly: definition switching.

First, you get someone to agree with a statement of one definition. In this case, it is that the person is a satanist.

You then change the definition to what suits you best. In this case, it might change to being a devil with big spiky horns that likes to burn people, make them bath in lava and poke them with a spiky bit of metal called a pitchfork.

What we should be asking isn't 'is satanism wrong', as 'satanism' has completely obfuscated the meaning of this word. Instead, we should be looking at 'do you believe in this cruel, demonic creature?', 'do you worship it?' and 'do you aspire to it?'.


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Pedantic Programmer

'Therefore, for a Satanist to believe in a god besides himself, to believe in any kind of monotheistic figure, would make him a Devil Worshipper.'

So, satanists all believe that they are God? They can't all be right, then, can they? Yet they all follow this system of belief that you are your own God. It's a paradox.

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