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The only reason they had power is that they were decendent's of Jesus Christ...His wife Magdalane headed for the refuse of France shortly after her husband(Jesus) was excecuted and or faked his own death...likewise legend states that Jesus' brother wound up in leith,Edinburgh with the knowledge of the Master builders amongst other since lost to commen knowledge power.

Jesus' blood

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To claim the bloodline of Christ to the Merovingians is pure fallacy. Chlovis and those before him were confirmed pagans. No doubt of their religion , no doubt of Childeric's (Clovis' father)tombs being a pagan burial. If descended from Christ wouldn't it at the very least have been a Jewish burial ( his feet face south - not Jewish or Christian burial practice) if he were a descendant of such a Kingly family. There are no hints at Jewish or Chritian roots in the earliest Merovingians, granted Clovis was baptized (later in life) at the request of his wife after victory in a battle but this is not the sign of a relative of Christ.
I wish it were true but it is not

Jesus' blood

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I believe that those individuals that try and trace the Merovingian bloodline to Jesus do so by asserting that the tribal origins of the Merovingians are the same as Jesus. That is the two are said to be of Nazorite origins. The Biblical Samson was likewise a Nazorite and hence the story of Delilah and the power in his hair. Guildnavigator

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Jesus' blood

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