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Magical Hair

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In the Bible, there is mention of the vow of the Nazir. This is a dedication to God. Part of the dedication involved not cutting the hair of the head during the time of the dedication. It was an outward sign, signifying that you work for God. Another part of the dedication is that a Nazir doesn't partake of anything from the grape. No wine, or vinegar.

Samson was a Nazir from the womb. What that means is his mother didn't drink anything of the grape.

So we have this strong guy who never had anything of the grape in the womb or out of it. When asked about his power, he always lied. Every time, he lied.

So why should we believe him when he says his hair gives him his power? The reason is, his powers disappeared when she cut off his hair. So people believed it was his hair.

I don't believe it. She caused him to sleep. That's what the Bible says. She caused him to sleep and THEN she cut off his hair. She slipped him a mickey. I bet it had some grape in it. He lost all his powers.

Next stop, Jesus of Nazir-land. I know they call it Nazareth, but I didn't miss the Nazir in there. And Jesus is said to have had magical powers, too. Then they gave him some vinegar and he cried out 'my God why hast thou forsaken me'. I think the grape got to his powers, too.

You may want to counter with the fact that he drank wine at the wedding, but that's not right either. What he did was turn water into wine. I think he did that in a different way than is normally believed.

I think the Jews of the day had made some errors in their nouns. They were calling things by the wrong names. So Jesus helped them out. He put a glass of water and a glass of wine on the table and he pointed to the water and said 'this is water' and he pointed to the wine and siad 'this is wine'. I'm pretty sure he didn't change the chemical composition of the water. He just clarified the common usage.

Magical Hair

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Researcher 193954

I'm eating a grape right now and my powers still seem to be in tact. Next stop...?

Magical Hair

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hi researcher ******! are you new?
don't worry-you will get ace'd-an ace will help you out, and give you some advice about your space etc, and advise you to give yourself a name-cos it's not so much fun with just numbers!
happy h2g2ing!
smiley - ok

Magical Hair

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If your mom ever ate a grape, you didn't have the Nazir kind.

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