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Just seen this, my middle daughter is a ginga Boheme!

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Of the very, very highest order. My younger daughter is , well, graduated from the obligatory Slipknot t shirt...baggy jeans...slipping toward the boheme I think, with a touch of Goth occasionally. There is hope for her yet though. Came home the other night and caught her listening to Bob Dylan! My eldest daughter is a mum but with secret yearnings towards being free to be like her sisters and my son varies between a shaved head with a dyed blue pony tail to more hair and a brown suit and hat (but then again, he is a musician, so strange and changable is his watchword.

Me, fifty, still wearing patchouli, baggy jeans, long black velvet coat, Doc marten boots and beads.Go Figure!!!!!!!!

We have a lot of 'Chavs' here in our town, characterised here with the girls scraped back hair, huge earrings, lots of gold chains, lots of bare middles and voices like fishwives.

BTW Greebo's were greasers or bikers when I was a kid, Hairies were the long hair massive flared loon pants chaps and shaven haired lads were still skinheads.....or sometimes squaddies(soldiers) as I was brought up in Aldershot.

spiderbaby.....fairly new to H2G2.....Hi. If anyone is still reading this thread.

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Just seen this, my middle daughter is a ginga Boheme!

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