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Scallies not Townies! (mistake)

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Asmodai Dark (The Eternal Builder, servant of Howard, Crom, and Beans)

I live in manchester, and i have never heard the expression townies.

Scallies is more used, especially when refering to 'Yoof' in general, who all seem to be scallies.

And whats this half breed rubbish for indie moshers. No, its just indie. No need to slap another label on the other end IMO...

Scallies not Townies! (mistake)

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Secretly Not Here Any More

I know Indie Moshers. Par example, Kat Dunleavy is an Indie-Mosher, me, I'm a boheme. Because I can't be arsed buying a Parka.

And townies round here is interchangable with Trendies (ie anal retentive scum).

So Andi Smith would be a Trendy/Townie in Manc terminology.

Hope that clarifies it AD!

Scallies not Townies! (mistake)

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Elbow Yangle (and the case for boys in eyeliner)

Nope, Indie Moshers adn Indies are very different things, oddly. smiley - smiley And I live in Manchester too, and I've always called them townies, although, the rest of my relatives do live near Chester, which might have something to do with it...

Elbow x

Scallies not Townies! (mistake)

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Asmodai Dark (The Eternal Builder, servant of Howard, Crom, and Beans)

Seems like a posh way of saying scallies though. Scallies is right. And Coldplay could be considered indie, as could massive attack yet i wouldnt exactly mosh to teardrops

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