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Wasp Deterrent

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Researcher 106756

Take a paper bag as big as your head and blow it up. Tie off the end so it retains its shape and hang it near where you do not want them to go.
The wasps will think it is an enemy nest and stay away.
Wasps are not stupid (just a little slow) however, so when you are finished whatever it is you do not want the wasps to participate in take down the bag, otherwise they will see through the ruse.

Wasp Deterrent

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Tom I.

That sounds brilliant! Can't wait for the wasp season to start, so that I can try that one. Much nicer thing to do than killing the creatures, really.

Wasp Deterrent

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Prez HS (All seems relatively quiet here)

Right. I don't think I can believe it tho. The bag seems to need some unknown traits that make the nest a nest and not a paper bag.

Would a wasp really fall for it?

Wasp Deterrent

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Researcher 33337

I feel wasps may be too smart for that. And it does take the pleasure out of watching them die or better still watching my sister sream and run away (The laughs on me really when teh wasp goes ofr me instead and I do round about the same thing)

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