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calvin and hobbes

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stu...keeper of groovy 60 s style music

waw i cant belive it i have found people who also like me love calvin and hobbes i think its brilliant .....

i love the way calvin is only 6 but has a very adults way of thinkin and come on u have 2 admit it we all would love 2 be hobbes really

keep up the good work guys


calvin and hobbes

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Researcher 228222

My second ever comic book i read was Mutant Killer Monster Snowgoons And i Really Enjoyed it thanks for sharing that its not only me who talks and jokes about the duo Calvin & Hobbes

calvin and hobbes

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stu...keeper of groovy 60 s style music

very true .....

ps why dont u change your name from researcher 228222

think bout something on the lines with calvin and hobbes up2 u ???

nice 2 see others sharing in the fantastic lifestyle of calvin and hobbes


calvin and hobbes

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I wrote an update to this entry at A1051606 which I think is a lot more thorough smiley - ok

smiley - blacksheep

calvin and hobbes

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I love Calvin and Hobbes. I love the way you're never sure if Hobbes is real or not, does he really talk or is it all Calvin's imagination??? Hmmmm.......

calvin and hobbes

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Jodan, you recomended the new entry as being more thorough but it's been erased. What's up?


calvin and hobbes

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I love this cartoon. Of course Hobbes is real! He's certainly a lot more intelligent than any stuffed toy I've ever met, and he often disagrees with Calvin. He's real. And Calvin is just fantastic! smiley - tongueout I have t feed my addiction through collection books, because I was born too late to see them the first time round. Tragic...

calvin and hobbes

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if you can get your hands on the 50th anniversery collection of calvin and hobbes (which is great by the way)
Its a collection off mr watterson's favaroute strips and he talked about his influances behind calvin and hobbes.
He says in the book that he likes to see hobbes from both angles as a stuffed toy and a imaginary tiger. I think for him its like seeing the way the world works from two diffrent perspectives.
My fav collection has to be Homacidle physo jungle cat there are some great strips in there that always make me laugh even after reading it for the hundreth time.
There are too many amazing strips for me to even choose my fav i find calvin and hobbes a great companion through life with the ideas and thoughs they both disscuss leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy with a big smile on my face lol

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