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Bagel Boiling

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Monica Schnutz

This article did not happen to mention that the best bagels are, or used to be, boiled before being baked -- a very important stage indeed.

I imagine that step must be omitted when one is adding inappropriate ingredients like chocolate chips (which belong in cookies and NOT in bagels) or, yuk, strawberries. It's enough to make a purist weep.

Bagel Boiling

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Spaceboy Zoom

you are a woman after my own heart.
Yes, bagels must be boiled.. I know- I was a bagelsmith for three years when I was in high school, and it indeed has left me a bagel purist...

Bagel Boiling

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If it is not boiled, it is not actually a bagel.

I'm living in Buffalo right now, and proper bagels are one of the things I miss most.

Also, western NYers pronouce it "baaaaah-gle"

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