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Bagels in the Big Apple

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NYC Student - The innocent looking one =P

What about New York City? The overwhelming Jewish population has made the bagel a New Yorkism. It's the only breakfast you can eat while pushing through crowds, screaming profanities at the same time - smiley - smiley

Bagels in the Big Apple

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Here's my quick & easy NYC bagel directory: Columbia Bagels, 110th & Bway;
Bagels on the Square, Carmine St. & 6th Ave;
H&H, 80th & Bway;
and for those on mass transit, the Zaro's Bread Baskets in Penn Station and Grand Central make pretty good bagels.

Bagels in the Big Apple

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I love those bagel carts! smiley - smiley Nothing like getting a bagel with cream cheese (and they aren't skimpy with it!) and a small coffee for $1.25. They were my saviors a couple of years ago....

Bagels in the Big Apple

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Frankly, Daria, I agree with you about the carts. In my opinion, the cart coffee is exceptional, much better than coffee-bar joe (and a lot more reasonable, too). And certainly the cart guys are really friendly and provide the maximum level of customer service possible, a far cry from the fumble-thumbed clerks they have at bagel stores in other cities. My only reservation is that in the wintertime it's nicer to wait in line inside at a bakery or deli.

Bagels in the Big Apple

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i can also recomend h & h on 80th and broadway , lovely , good coffee too .
every other bagel i tried in the usa last year was like eating foam rubber .

best fishes........todsmiley - spork

Bagels in the Big Apple

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Most bagel shops in the city - even the best ones - have switched to making a softer, sweeter, bigger bagel. For a more traditional, old-style bagel, try Daniels Bagels on 3rd Ave about 36th street.

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