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I once met a man who had no toe nails, he had them surgically removed at the age of eight. On of the main drawbacks he found was when playing football, he remembered that before the age of eight he was a reasonabley good player but after that time, particularly when he reached eighteen his game deteriorated and now was pretty crap. He didin't mind really, however he did wonder what would his footballing carreer have been like had he not lost his "T" nails.

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Jenny and Fred the cheese

what i don't get is why people paint them and then hide them in shoes untill 3 months later when they take them out, wave them in my face and comment on how long they've lasted. okay this has only happened once.

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Oops I put my reply on Ingrowing toenails by mistake.

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LOL! Makes you wonder why they bother to use nailpolish in the first place.. It does last long on toes though, well over a week when barefoot, perhaps two weeks... I don't really keep track that exactly. *Lots* longer than my finger nails anyhow, those I hardly ever paint, too much trouble for one or two days. Just my left little pinkie, it stays on there well and it looks different.
My smallest toes hardly have enough nail to paint though, just a very tiny toe nail.

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A dear friend of mine has confided in me that when young she believed the moon was the big toe of that cosmic creature all children realize exist. In this particular child-truth, we live on the belly of that creature and that snow is the result of the creature clipping its nails. Ohhh...perhaps that should have gone under toenail clippings...

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I paint my toenails (red) because it looks nice. So there. And it matches the fingernails. And looks v. good in strappy toe-revealing shoes.

So there you go.

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Martin Harper

my small toes are twisted inwards slightly - so the nail on my smallest toe is half under the second smallest, and the second smallest nail is half under the third smallest. This makes it really difficult to put nailpolish on them... smiley - sadface
The best I've come up with is to stick pen tops between them to seperate them out while drying - anyone got any better ideas? Or should I take this to "ask H2G2"? smiley - smiley

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