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Marvin [patron saint of cynicism]

Ok I know there is an official list, but I was wondering what movies people like. We seem to have a fairly diverse population on h2g2. I am a fan of war movies, comedy and a few others for flavor. These are some of my picks, what are yours?
Run Silent, Run Deep
Das Boot
Heartbreak Ridge
Grose Point Blank
Radioland Murders
Animal House
Kelly's Heros
any Warren Miller film
Good Morning Vietnam

Favorite Movies

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I too have varies tastes when it comes to movies, I personally prefer action/adventure smiley - run, horror smiley - vampire and sci fi smiley - aliensmilebut that can cover all the other genres comedy scifi etc... you know how it goes!! LOL
Anyway... here are my fave movies:

Deep Rising
Proof of Life
Independence Day
Maverick (both versions)
The Dirty Dozen (all four of them!! I know, I know)
Ice Station Zebra
Magnificent Seven

Favorite Movies

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Both of you guys have listed some pretty damn fine movies. Being an avid 'movie buff' I had to check out what H2G2 had to say about movies, and so far haven't found much. Now, this may not be the best forum for this, but recently a buddy of mine handed me a movie and said 'you MUST WATCH this film' the tile of the movie 'Chopper' dint' really appeal to me and netiher - on first reading the reviews -did the subject matter - some australian criminal.

However, I stuck with with, and at the end of the movie was 'blown away'. If you liked Lock, stock and 2 smoking barrels, you'll love this film. It's slow to start, but stick with it and I can practically guarantee that the day after you've watched it, you will be glad that you did.

Favorite Movies

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Hi Taipan

Glad you like some of the movies I love... any idea where I can find that "Chopper" ya mentioned?? Sounds like my kind of movie!! LOL

Favorite Movies

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Ian Livesey

It is a story of criime and obsession

Favorite Movies

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empire records
repo man
shaun of the dead
the van
the commitments
high fidelity

i'll think of more later....smiley - biggrin

Favorite Movies

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Action and horror are the my favourites{Hey chainsawkitten!smiley - winkeye} oh dear, now it looks like Im flirting with you.smiley - laugh Smileys are funsmiley - chocsmiley - tongueoutsmiley - choc
The fast and the furious
Run lola run
Independence day
The Ring{english and japenese versions}
Kill Bill 1+2
Cruel Intentions

Favorite Movies

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can you lend me run lola run? the half i saw looked really cool!smiley - biggrin
DIDJU SEE THE JAPANESE RING???? eek! *runs and hides in corner*smiley - wah
yay for the earth getting blown up!smiley - ok

awesomeful!smiley - smileysmiley - biggrinsmiley - laughsmiley - sadfacesmiley - blushsmiley - winkeyesmiley - ermsmiley - coolsmiley - cheerupsmiley - hugsmiley - oksmiley - cheerssmiley - tongueoutsmiley - choc i adore smileys!

ps. 'wiggle your big toe'smiley - laugh
smiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - chocsmiley - choc
im NOT obsessed and im NOT missing it!!!

Favorite Movies

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Here are may favourites, they are probably not the greatest of all time but I prefer watching them to others:

* Dark Star
* Silent Running
* Ravenous
* Himalaya
* Airplane!
* Big Trouble In Little China
* Delicatessen
* Jean du Florette and Manon des Sources
* No Man's Land
* Falling Down

Favorite Movies

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I was surprised to see "Silent Running" on someone's list.I love that film too. Others I like that would not be blockbusters

The Cider House Rules
McCabe and Mrs Miller (esp for Leonard Cohen's soundtrack-very apt)
Most of those directed by Clint Eastwood
Original Night of the Living Dead - esp the way it starts right into the story with the zombie in the graveyard.
Big hand for the Little Lady (Henry Fonda/Joanne Woodward)
The Man who Shot Liberty Valance
The Conversation (Gene Hackman)

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