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Spam (The Meat by-product) Haiku

Post 1


Grotesque pinkish mass
In a blue can on a shelf
Quivering alone

Like some spongy rock
A granite, my piece of Spam
In sunlight on my plate

Oh Argentina!
Your little tin of meat soars
Above the Pampas

Little slab of meat
In a wash of clear jelly
Now I heat the pan

Oh tin of pink meat
I ponder what you may be:
Snout or ear or feet?

In the cool morning
I fry up a slab of Spam
A dog barks next door

Pink tender morsel
Glistening with salty gel
What the hell is it?

Ears, snouts, and innards,
A homogenous mass
Pass another slice

Cube of cold pinkness
Yellow specks of porcine fat
Give me a spork please

Old man seeks doctor
"I eat Spam daily", he says.

Highly unnatural
The tortured shape of this "food"
A small pink coffin

Slicing your sweet self
Salivating in suspense
Sizzle, sizzle..Spam

Pink beefy temptress
I can no longer remain

Infused guts galore
Our love is in a can
Can I have some more?

A bit too salty
It matches my gum's color
Don't step in it please.

Every so often,
I secretly sautee it,
and serve it to Mom.

Smush strange substance,
From another planet?
It sounds alien.

Just because I'm sick,
And can only eat pink food--
Must you laugh at me?

What's for lunch Mommy?
Shut up kid and just eat it.
Trailer park cuisine.

Pork? Veal? Beef? Goodyear?
Pinky gelatenous bits
Ever in my bowels.

I stare at my toes
Wishing for a tub of Spam
To sink myself in.

Bits of gentle pink
in my lasagne tonight--
Wonder what it is?

What the dogs won't eat,
We ship North in great numbers
To the Americans.

Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!
Spam Spam Spam Spamity Spam!
Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!

I take my best knife
And gently slife off each piece
Little books to fry.

Yellow cheesy flakes
Annointing my fingertips
Waiting to be licked.

If Spam were my name,
I'd hide in a dark cool can.
My tears taste salty.

Spam (The Meat by-product) Haiku

Post 2

Cannott Spel

Anyone seen the Monty Python Spam sketch. If you like this one see the Blue Parrot, and the Lumberjack song (probably not available ijn Canada)

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Spam (The Meat by-product) Haiku

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