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Drinking Urine

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I actually live in north of Sweden. I regularly meet Lapps .. wich in fact is called Same.
I have NEVER ever seen a Same feed Fly Agaric to a reindeer.. And certainly not drinking the urine.
I have never heard of it either until now.
This has got to be a fairytale smiley - smiley

Drinking Urine

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maybe lapps' refers to em lapping it up?

Good job there are not so many "piss police" over that way,
If it was the UK or USA, Santa wd/ be busted and sent to JAIL,
Any piss drinking wd/ be spurted all over the tabloids,
makes a good joke dunn it.

Google Mike Crowley' if you want the low down on Pee drinking mushroom enlightenment.
It appears a very probable cause for starting a religion. "a good god piss up"

Drinking Urine

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I believe it was the Siberian Chuckchees that were documented as "recycling". The people who weren't lucky to find the mushroom, would drink the urine of those who did. I study Tibetan Bon/Buddhism, which contains some similar shamanic elements to the Siberians. There are traditions of preparing an elixir from bodily fluids and other remnants of holy persons. These may not be psychedelic per se, and the people who reported this may have confused mystical essence for a psychoactive effect.

I'm not at all convinced that the compounds pass through unchanged. The body's filtration may become overwhelmed, and some of it passes through unchanged to protect the organism, in that case it would be in sweat as much urine. You wouldn't get the same amount that went in, probably considerably less.

It may be plausible to extract the compounds (assuming they are still intact) from the urine, to make it reusable, thereby avoiding the more unpleasant option. The military has filter bags that removes the urea and ammonia content from urine, permitting it to be drank repeatedly by soldiers. So equipped, they can be sent into areas for days with only what they can carry. The chemistry of urine is simple enough, and we have knowledge of at least some of the chemistry of the substances in question.

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