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Amanita Muscaria

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The mushroom seems to vary in it's effects, depending on region. I encountered them in the Black Hills of South Dakota, growing under aspen trees.

Personal experience:
The mushroom was thoroughly identified, including spore prints. We knew that this was an A. Muscaria
The mushrooms have a distinct flavor, sort of lemon pepper, but not quite. I, and several friends consumed 1/2 of a fresh, large specimen (the caps were 8 to 10 inches across) each. There was no discernable effect for several hours. We assumed that they were probably inert, and went to bed. It was in the sleep and dream states that the mushroom revealed it's power. I had eight hours of lucid dreaming! My friends described similar effects.

I was told by a park ranger that people had to be taken to the hospital for consuming those same mushrooms, and it is probably true. Anyone wishing to take such risks should definitely not consume any other substance, even food before partaking. until you know the substance well, don't take a large quantity, consider not even consuming a whole mushroom. Pay attention to side effects.

The psychoactive elements in A. Muscaria may differ in quantity and quality based on freshness of specimen, time of year, and perhaps what it is growing on. Related Amanitas are extremely dangerous, Amanita Pantherina may even grow in the same area intermixed with A. Muscaria, and are too dangerous to mess with, everyone has bad results with them.

Amanita Muscaria

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Only positive good results so far.

Sweet F.A

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