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Kef Schecter

One thing I've wondered is if this is really a law (or at least an enforceable one), in the United States anyway. I can see local laws banning this kind of thing, because they often decide the standards of the community for specific obscenity laws, but I'm not sure about state or federal laws. (I seriously doubt it's a FEDERAL law, but it's possible that, say, every state has such a law, making it universal throughout the country anyway.)

I personally think showing younger people in sexual situations, even very explicit ones, can provide a much different angle on something than...well, anything else can. This is to say that it's preferable for such a scene to have actual context, rather than just be mindless dreck, even though a lot of erotica is, in fact, mindless dreck. (I know. I read and watch a lot of dreck, but not nearly as much as SOME people I know...:P) But showing younger people doing naughty things is harmless...granted, I think such a thing is more likely to be 'harmful' to a youngster than to see more socially acceptable sexual acts, but this is what parents are for - not state/federal laws.

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I draw/write a comic called "Blowjob Betty".
She is under 18 years old, but very sexual in nature. She is still a virgin, and no one in their right mind would ever do her, which makes her a bit disgruntled.
So is that illegal? No nudity, no sex, but sexual content. There is also a lot of sexual content in South Park, involving underage people.
Eli Langer is a Canadian who was charged for drawing eplicit images of underage sex, but he was let go, after the court found him not guilty (this is all in Canada, and quite a few years back as well, so I suspect they are different now).
Phoebe Gloeckner is also a very explicit comic author who depicts herself autobiographically being raped as a child and young adult.
I think it all depends on the court and where you get prosecuted (I have not been targeted yet, only rejcted by 1 distributor who said "Kids and sex would get us arrested."
I hate pedophelia and rape and abuse, but I am very interested in the legal stipulations regarding epressing these subjects in artistic meduims.
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I agree, it's all to do with context. If something is done 'tastefully', then it is passed, but the same thing could be shown in a different context and there would be moral outrage! (9 songs for example, which was passed as 18 but contains scenes that would be R18 in other films)

The main problem with censorship of any kind is that it doesn't allow questions to be asked which need asking.

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I hate to tell you but there is no such law, rule or any other thing banning underage comics. Lolicon is Japanese Hentai devoted to underage sex and commonly is 12 years or younger. Lolicon is legal in Japan, USA and every part of Europe I know of. Kind of negates this whole topic.

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