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Comical sex

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Don Vito

First off all,this whas a nice piece to read. There are points that i don't think are fully treu. The manga style is one off the legal means for jappanes man to fantasys over sex. This explanes the schoolgirl look off al the characters For most man dream off yonger girls. the thing that they mostly get raped by beasts isn't a suprise thinking off the fact that they life in crowded places whitout any reasaneble form privacy. witch is the most effective way to make people paranoid.
I'm sorry for my bad typing off english and i hope you understand what i have typed.

Comical sex

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OK, we all do this fantasy thing at some stage, but i still find the Japanese fixation with the school girl look a bit concerning.
Is it their innocense, or their vulnerability that is found so irresistable to the Japanese male?
Either way it seems degrading to women and once again based on a real life occurance.....school children/uniforms, where is the fantasy in that?
It wouldn't be so bad if the whole nation wasn't transfixed, but they are!
As for the manga....well some of it is laughable, but i won't deny getting a 'tifta' over some of the female characters making good their escape.....uh oh, must go now!smiley - smiley

Comical sex

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Matthew G P Coe

I think it's kind of interesting that manga and hentai are so prevalent in Japan and Japan has one of the lowest rape rates in the world. I've heard it said before that "I'd rather let my child see two people making love than war" and I think that would lead to better-adjusted kids.

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