A Conversation for Adult Comic Books


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Nihilism in five easy steps

I don't think you've chosen the right name for this genre: what I'd call adult comics would be the stuff produced by people like Chester Brown and Daniel Clowes. Comics like Cherry etc should be called erotic or pornographic.


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Redneck Gaijin

That would be -your- opinion. smiley - smiley

Seriously, I do not distinguish Mr. Brown's et al work from comics in general because I believe that comics in general are meant for all age groups, not just kids. I use the term 'adult comics' to classify those you -cannot- purchase unless you are an adult, and this almost universally means sexually explicit material. A 12-year-old can buy Evil Ernie, but flash a pair of boobs and poof! It goes in the box behind the counter.



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Nihilism in five easy steps

It's that great 'violence is ok but sex is bad' US hypocrisy isn't it?

Your definition of adult comics is fair enough but I don't agree that comics like Yummy Fur are meant for all age groups: for example the 'Playboy' issues (specifically the explicit masturbation scenes) are prime behind-the-counter material.

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