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Alon (aka Mr.Cynic)

Sounds wonderful. If only it was used in Britain...
Wait a minute! 99 Celcius is not a univeral boiling point! It depends of the pressure of the surrounding air (i.e. Atmospheric Pressure). So if you take it to Mt. Everest it is sure to explode!

If only...

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99 celcius is not a boiling point anyway. Unless you are already at a high altitude. Maybe to compensate for this, that should incorporate an altimeter and a pentium III powered processing unit to dynamically adjust the temperature to be exactly 1 degree celcius below the boiling point of whatever atmospheric pressure you're at.

If only...

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Alon (aka Mr.Cynic)

Sorry, I meant universal just-before-boiling-integer temperature. A barometer is is very necessary as the altitude (And therefore pressure) does not have to be that different for the boiling point to fall to 99 celcius or below. I know Yellowstone NP is 96/7 I think. A barometer would be better and simpler than an altimeter as it only has to have a pressure sensor, not a satellite link and it is a more accurate indicator of the boiling point as it the pressure which directly affects the boiling point. Nice if there was a warning label on the Miniboil saying "This machine should not be operated in altitudes of 1800 metres above sea level and above". smiley - smiley

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