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Zip Miniboil, invented in Australia, was designed so well that the use of average kettle urns may well die out from tea rooms and offices across the country, in accordance with the theory of 'natural appliance selection'.

The Miniboil is a wonderful addition to the everyday work office. It provides an endless supply of hot, boiling water to the never ending masses of employees racing to get their next cup of tea or coffee.

A normal urn or kettle needs to be filled up with water all the time, so users must keep topping them up. This means, considering the general level of organisation in most offices, that the urn is permanently empty, cold, or about to blow up because the element is exposed and hot. The chances of there actually being hot water waiting for you are, well, slim to none.

The Zip system is attached to the water supply via a pressure valve that admits fresh water when needed into a large reservoir which is kept at exactly 99°C, to prevent the water from turning to steam while still in the system, which would make it explode. The result is an on-tap stream of water at the perfect temperature for making tea at all times.

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