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Anglesey: Mostly harmless!

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Maurice Deebank

I imagine you to be a teenager growing up in the rural idyl that is Ynys Mon; hence your barely concealed contempt. I was once like you and yearned to be away from its silent streets, empty windswept beaches and rain-blown, chapel-dominated schools. But remember this - you'll miss it when you leave - I know I did, it took a few years but the 'hireath' got me in the end.

I think you damn Anglesey with faint praise...

Twll dyn etc....

Anglesey: Mostly harmless!

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ynys mon the most beautifull island in the u.k.if not the world, but then im biased im an english man who loves the place, spends as much time as i can there,the only reason i dont retire there is id have nowhere to go on holliday

Anglesey: Mostly harmless!

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Cadi Merchionamercheluned

I'm with you on that one! I'm in Brum at Uni, and am only not homesick by effort of will. But I have a hope that keeps me going - I'M GOING HOME IN DECEMBER!!!!!!

I think one of the best things about Anglesey is the way that the weather is better than the mainland. Many times I've sat in the sun, watching the snow land on the mountains, only 15 miles away. My friends in Bethesda don't appriciate me saying this at all. They some times come over to see us with snow still on the roof of their car!

I have only lived on Ynys Mon for 5 years, and have yet to explore it all. I hear the north of the island is very beautiful, and I'll try and go there when I get back.

To wuzzer: biased englishman, your praise is appriciated. But why not retire here anyway, and then go on holiday to England just to remind yourself how much you love Mon?

Anglesey: Mostly harmless!

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Peter aka Krans

Isn't there a nuclear power plant on Anglesey?

Anglesey: Mostly harmless!

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Yes there is/was. It is at Wylfa near Cemaes Bay on the North side of the island. However, I believe it's now closed or about to be.

Anglesey: Mostly harmless!

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Captain Kebab

I'm another Englishman who thinks Anglesey is wonderful. I usually visit at least 3 or 4 times a year for a few days at a time. I love to visit South Stack in the nesting season to see the puffins and the guillemots and the auks, and Cemlyn Bay for the terns.

The coastal walks at Cemaes and Moelfre are wonderful, but not strenous, and it's just so relaxing to stroll out to the pilots' cottages at Ynys Llanddwyn, and scramble among the rocks, with those amazing views of Snowdonia in tha background. I can never get over the contrast between the ruggedness of the mountains on the mainland, and the gentleness of the countryside on the island.

It's just a really relaxing and pretty place to visit. As soon as we drive across the bridge I can feel the stresses of working life and living in the city start to dissolve away.

I enjoy holidaying abroad, and I love the grandeur of the Highlands of Scotland. The Lake District and Yorkshire Dales are as convenient for me to visit as North Wales, but the atmosphere of Ynys Mon has captured me - I really do think it's an enchanting place.

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