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Where to go when the regeneration cycle is complete?

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With the In-Universe plot point that the Doctor can only have twelve incarnations firmly established, I note we are now on number twelve. which must be going to cause issues when the current actor leaves the part.

Watching the current Doctor, I'm struck by that long cadaverous face and the general stroppy old-man demeanour.

Has anyone else noticed that if he grw his hair to be long and straggly, let his dress-sense slip slightly, and adopted a Victorian Mr Scrooge cap with a tassel.... he'd be William Hartnell?

Could it be we're being set up for a resolution of the end-of-incarnations problem by having the Doctor go through a time loop or something - and start all over again as the First Doctor?

And will this mean re-makes of the first episodes - but with a 1960's setting and social context given a 2014 gloss - or a whole new cycle? And will the Thirteenth Doctor be a remaking of the Second or somebody entirely new?

Just wild mass guessing again...

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Where to go when the regeneration cycle is complete?

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