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The Doctor's Family

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From the thread Doctor Who - The Television Phenomenon.

"Aside from Susan, nothing is known about other members of the Doctor's family. He only ever refers to them in a melancholy fashion, and at one point ('The Curse of Fenric'), he states that he does not know whether they are alive or dead. The Tenth Doctor hinted that he was once a father and that he doesn't have a brother any more, though it's not clear if these were flippant remarks or intended to be taken seriously."
Think this needs up-dating as the Doctor had a wife (Forget the first name , but second name 'River'). Amy Pond ( a mis-translation of 'River' by an alien species) is her mother. Don't think it was ever made clear if Amy Pond was the daughter of The Doctor though)

Hope this might help

The Doctor's Family

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Saints 76

Just remembered River was the 'surname of the doctor's wife'. I still can't remember her First name sorry!

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