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The Bikini inequality theorem

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So Speedos are basically bikini bottoms for men right? So what's the big fuss about men wearing them when women of all shapes and sizes get away with it? I have to discount theories based on the acceptability of displaying the contents of the aforementioned Speedos - after all a womans bikini top leaves little to the imagination. Shape, cleavage, and adornments are all well defined with great clarity, and womens bikini bottoms show more bottoms and other flesh than bikini.

I propose its not the viewers that have a problem with Speedos (unless accompanies by the great male beer belly...) but that the wearers are just too shy to "let it all hang out". One might also relate this to the demise of the long lost mens outer garment - the codpiece - which was initialy a practical item of clothing for the armoured military man, and at the height of its acceptability was just a dressing accessory with a distinct bias towards the bigger the better.

Yes I'm afraid that the male of the late 20th century is basically afraid and ashamed of displaying this particular item of masculinity and until that happens the Speedo will always be relegated to a sports accessory or night club delicacy.

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The Bikini inequality theorem

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