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Quick way to remember pi

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A nice mnemonic device to remember the first fifteen digits of pi is the following:

How I need a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy chapters involving quantum mechanics

Just count the number of letters in each word. Isn't that neat?

Quick way to remember pi

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Base 13

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Quick way to remember pi

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Base 13

pardon my slang

Quick way to remember pi

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There is a longer one, you know.


I wish I could remember pi. "Eureka!" cried the great inventor. "Christmas pudding, Christmas pie is the problem's very centre."

Just count the letters of each word, ignoring punctuation. The title counts as the first 3 then the rest is 20 decimal places.

Quick way to remember pi

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Judiciary Pag, LIVR, KoTLBST, GSC

There are entire stories written with hundreds of digitis of pi, if you're interested... I'm not typing one out here, and I don't know if you can find it on the 'Net, but don't think that these mathematicians give up after as few words as that!!

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Quick way to remember pi

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Iohnny cCmndhd

Do a quick Dogpile or Google search for Cadaeic Cadenza for a story written almost totally as a mnemonicfor pi. It is a translation of pi for the first 3600 or so decimal places. The guy (I don't have it in front of me, ya see)also rewrote poems like The Raven and part of Hamlet to fit the pi mnemonic and the rhyme, story and metre structure of the original work. You wanna talk about free time? Yeesh!
Until i write again,
Iohnny cCmndhd

Quick way to remember pi

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hehe! great ways to memorize...if only I could spell! teehee! smiley - tongueout

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