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Proper mud pies

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Tricky Sam

Never mind all the cookies, proper mud Mudpies played a big part in MY childhood. We used to hide in the hedge and chuck them out at passing cars. A most satisfying sound they used to make as they hit the windscreen. Extra points for farmers in tractors with no windscreen.

Proper mud pies

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The Cow

Ah, but the problem with throwing them at farmers is ensuring that that brown stuff really -is- mud. Give it a good sniff. The consistency is so important... not too sloppy, and not too dry. Just enough water to make it hold together, then a little bit for for effect.

Proper mud pies

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Ginger gingerly left out the part about "and anything it contains" in the second 'recipie'. smiley - winkeye

Proper mud pies

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If I don't get this in, I'm never going to get the post finished. (I haven't dared move on, even to finish Ginger's self-interview for fear that I'd forget! smiley - winkeye)

I just wanted to make it perfectly clear (should she happen upon the above comment) that I was -not- complaining, merely observing. smiley - winkeye In fact, I was surprised that my article remained nearly exactly as I'd written, with but a few minor changes (Thanks, Ginger!) ... as I had -originally- written it, no less, without the tags I'd added later on DT's suggestion. smiley - winkeye

I think you're doing a great job, folks! smiley - winkeye

Proper mud pies

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The Walrus

Congraties on your first article, Miss Anonymouse smiley - smiley

Proper mud pies

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Luna(Queen of Hearts)

Congratulations, my dear. smiley - smiley

One of my favorite cookies. Mud pies and Snikerdoodles were the first I taught my daughter to make.
Real Mud pies she taught me to make. smiley - smiley
Ah, sharing...smiley - winkeye

Proper mud pies

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Kids are ky00t3 that way. smiley - winkeye (Actually, believe it or not, my mother told me how to make real mudpies and I was out making them as soon as she turned her back.. in coal-cinder-dirt, no less. smiley - winkeye)

*blush* And thank you both. smiley - winkeye

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