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Protective Parents?

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It's true, as far as I know, that Canada geese are, like most other animals, very protective of their offspring. Which is why I was so astonished when, two years ago, I managed to gain the trust, even friendship, of a goose couple ("Frank" and "Sylvia") in only two days when they had NEWLY HATCHED GOSLINGS!

Really. The first time I went up to the pond (the school I attended at the time had two on the grounds, and a teacher had told me there was a pair or two of geese nesting at the upper pond), Frank attacked me, of course, but I tossed bread crusts at him until I got away. The second time, however, he just stood there and didn't try to stop me, even when I got within a few yards of Sylvia's nest! Not only that, but when I tossed her some crusts, Sylvia got up, which was when I saw, not the eggs I had been expecting, but four little yellow-gray puffballs! I got to the point where I could come within a foot of the babies with absolutely no reaction. I mean, I knew I was good with animals, but...

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Protective Parents?

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