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Going slowly mad...

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I am currently in the final year of a degree, and writing my dissertation. I do most of my work from home, and it's driving me nuts. I find myself inventing totally fictitious jobs to do that will take me into town, anything to escape the horror of the front room/office that I am convinced will surely become my tomb....

Going slowly mad...

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Tom I.

Madness helps creativity, so the fact that you are going mad does not have to be that bad...smiley - winkeye

On the other hand, I fully understand your desire to invent jobs to get out of your house. And I think the real reason you are going mad, is that when you finally get out, you walk around feeling bad about not going in. But in order to get something done when you are in, you have to be stimulated otherwise. If spending four hours a day having a good time can stimulate you into doing better work when you are in, then have four hours of fun. Because you need it!

(Yes, I know I pretend to know these things better...) I am sitting in my home office right now, playing around on h2g2. Because I need it...smiley - smiley

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