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Why the ringroad

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Being resident in Coventry for many years I have formulated an explanation as to why the ringroad and how it works.

The road is designed to keep people away. People get on and get slung around untill they reach enogh speed to get ejected down one of the major roads.

You can also tell who is local, who is a tourist and who actually knows how to read. The Local will treat it as a main road over taking until they rach thier exit. A tourist will sit in the left-hand lane at precisly 40mph untill they get lost enough to get take there chances on the, and I use the term loosly, normal streets. Now A driver who can read will realise that the signs over the road are actually directions. They clearly state which lane for what. Basicly stay in the right-hand lane untill labled exit comes up, then filter out as if it were joining a motorway but a slightly reduced speed.

Another surefire way to spot the non-local is the fact they will have used a route planner to find thier way from a hotel to somewhere and it refers to junction so-and-so of the ringroad. No-one who lives in Coventry uses these.

Just some of the reasons people are sent to Coventry.


Why the ringroad

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I find the centrifugal approach works
well when trying to find an unknown
location within cov.

smiley - donut

Why the ringroad

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The escape velocity idea did seem intrigueing untill the first time I tried it. I can't even remeber when the hell I ended up and since that day I have always vowed to plan the route first.


Why the ringroad

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Researcher 178917

The coventry ring road was not initially designed as a road system. In the 1950's the postwar council planning commitee decided a covered walk way around the centre of the city would encourage the whores to distribute themselves more evenly throughout the centre. Only at a later stage was this walkway combined with a road network to give clients easier access to their preffered ho.

Why the ringroad

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Researcher spud-i-like[the navigator]

i agree with your comments about driving on the outside lane until ones exit approaches. i have mastered this method now and find it best. it never fails to amaze me at peoples reluctance to use the outside lane. as i tear around at over the 40 mph limit (frustratingly slow) i constantly expect to see a police car...the usual reason people drive at the speed limit and pull into the inside lane. but no! as i said, never fails to amaze me.

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