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I managed to eat nothing but this for lunch for a good six months the second time I moved away from home.
Alright, I'd just graduated, so it's not... student food AS such. And it's a little resource heavy. However:

1 pack super noodles (I prefer curry. Bacon is a little overpowering)
Strong cheese (wensleydale's a good bet)
1 can of tuna

Optional garnish:
Sliced ham
Mixed herbs
Any other fruit or veg that feels appropriate. Onions'd be alright.

Put the water in the noodles, put some cheese on top quite evenly spread. Nuke it for 6 minutes. Mix the tuna in when you're done then add any optional extras. Eat, then hide any evidence.
Don't do what I attempted once and add bread before microwaving. What I ended up with was chicken flavoured angel delight. With noodles in it. NOT a good afternoon (but I still don't entirely regret eating it).

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Bachelor chow

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