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It is important to note that the common conception is that with every Classical Guitar come someone who is Classical Guitarist. Probably of the swarthy variety, with an air of sexy mystery about them.
This is a dangerous mistake to make, the likelihood is that he or she will be a schoolchild, and in no way a classic on guitar.
This is not to say that the swarthy ones do not exist, you can find them swarthing around in most countries that can use the title 'Hot-blooded' and possibly even 'Latin' in reference to it's denizens.
A spotter of Swarthy types will be on the look out for dark hair, probably long and drawn back into a pony tail. They may also sport some kind of wide-brimmed hat. Tanned, or olive skin is also a giveaway, as is the ability to perform 'Smoldering looks' with their eyes. The actor Antonio Banderras is a very good example of a swarthy type, if only he could play guitar.
Finally, be on the look out for groups of swooning women, this is a godd indicator that a Swarthy type has passed that way recently.
Happy hunting, and beware the power of the Swarth.

Classical Guitars

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Researcher 162238

A wonderful entry on classical guitarists and their swarth which appears to me to need a bit of an update. Although this is the most popular of misbegotten stereotypes about classical guitarists it is not the only misbegotten stereotype. I've done some internal research and have come up with the folowing streotypical archetypes. Unfortunately I am not an expert on any particular stereotype so if you are please feel free to elaborate as I have rather unfortunately run out of big words to use.Here are the top five most popular stereotypes as of Dec. 2000.
#1. The unshaven and smelling of patchuli while sitting on a tattered blanket in a public park classical guitar player. Their popularity owing to the appearance of such individuals worldwide.
#2. The outwardly grumpy and and wearing a disheveled suit classical guitar player. A distant relative of the swarthy guitar player (even often having a pony tail just grayer and it starts further back on the head)he prides himself more on intellect than swarth and is constanly angry about the state of guitar musicianship "these days" He would be more keen however in being compared to Segovia than Banderras.
#3. The lesbian birkenstock wearing classical guitar player.Fastest gaining popular stereotype.
#4. The PTA mom and dad guitar players. Often with poofy hair and a seemingly unremovable smile which at first seems lovely but gets creepier with time.
#5. The trying to look like dylan circa 1970 classical guitar player.Come on you know you know one.
As with any top five list this is constantly changing and new stereotypes are popping up faster than dandelions on an unwatched lawn so please feel free to elaborate fellow reaearchers.

Classical Guitars

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john williams must be the best

Classical Guitars

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Oh dear; I thought I was normal - guitar player of the classical persuasion (but a liking for the Kinks) Skin um swarthy, hair going grey now but originally black - still long and tied back in a ponytail when playing. No blanket though I prefer a music stool.Busking - well I need the money. A sad lack of swooning fans - oh well close enough
smiley - biggrin

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