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Being Literate

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It is necessary to recognize the fact that if tabliture is learned before guitar notation it is incredibly hard to make the switch. Just because tabliture is easier does not make it good for a beginner. Believe me, I've been there.

Being Literate

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I agree. I have been reading music since I was 5 and I can say that to me, tablature is a foreign language to me. I know the basics, but without all of the note values, and time signature, and all of the different accents and symbols, I could not play a piece of music I have never seen before. This is important if you want to be a flexible musician and play with many different groups or individuals. If you start in music learning to read music notation, you will begin to see how much it is it's own language. And it is so great to then be able to sight-read Bach or Bethoveen, or even Metallica or Led Zeppelin. You can also arrange music and also notate your own creations.

Perhaps the most practical reason to learn notation is that it is truly universal! With tablature, it is too much of an interpretation from listening by ear, and not too correct.

Expand your mind! I don't think Mozart could have achieved what he did using tab...

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