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Unification of Dal Riada and Pictland

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I think there was another Pictish claimant to the throne apart from good ol Ken. Kenneth Mac Alpin's claim came through his mother who was a Pictish princess and since the Picts inherited through the matrilinear path, he had the better claim. He still had to beat the shite of the other claiment's army though.


Unification of Dal Riada and Pictland

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Bran the Explorer

Yes, I think you're right. Also, this was not actually the first unification that had occurred ... there was one some decades before that did not last (forgotten the details at the moment ... sorry). Kenny-boy's just seems to be the remembered event as it was the successful one.

Thanks for your input and interest in the article. Have you seen the H2G2 Historical Society page? It's a gradually developing project, compiling the historical articles on the Guide. Also Taipan has a Scottish page. Both links are at my page if you like.


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Unification of Dal Riada and Pictland

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