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Was Cornwall part of Wales Prior to Saxon Invasion?

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Can someone clarify this quote from Wikipedia Enclyclopedia. It suggests that Cornwall was part of Wales prior to Saxon Invasion

577 AD, the Battle of Deorham Down near Bristol resulted in the separation of the Cornish (known as the West Welsh) from the Welsh by the advance of the Saxons. By this time, the Saxons had destroyed the remains of Roman civilisation and it was almost forgotten in the west. The Saxons were established and they were converting their conquests to Roman Christianity. Not long after this the earliest Christian church opened at St. Piran’s Oratory.


Was Cornwall part of Wales Prior to Saxon Invasion?

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Maybe it was, the Cornwall language is simmilar to the Welsh (Brythonic Celtic), but Cornwall i personally beleive should have its own country, and become independent, im up for Cornwall ruling its self, i mean why not? they have their own culture in many ways, own history, own language, why not prevail this, same goes for Scotland, Northern Ireland, just like the Republic of Ireland achieved its independecne from England, i dont know about the Welsh becaue they seem not care or never really put up a fight as Scotland did (William Wallace) and other Celtic nations.

Was Cornwall part of Wales Prior to Saxon Invasion?

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It might of been. Ther were definatley Celts living there anyway.

Was Cornwall part of Wales Prior to Saxon Invasion?

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First of all my misguided friend, Wales did fight hard for independece. Ever heard of Llywelyn ein Llyw olaf (c. 1223 – December 11, 1282) or even later than that Owain Glyndwr 1349-1416? He forced the English out of Wales and set up it's first Parlement in Machynlleth!! When have Cornwall ever revolted against their rulers!! There was a terrorist campaing in the 1980's called Meibion Glyndwr in Wales so i'm sorry if this makes you look a little ignorant to Welsh history!

Gareth Hughes

Was Cornwall part of Wales Prior to Saxon Invasion?

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Cornish rebellions 1497 and 1549 and following the last one the smiley - wahCornish Holocaust of 1549.

"...... the Cornish language was banned in the newly formed Church of England and English was forced onto a mainly monoglot Cornish speaking population. The conflict had an ethnic dimension as shown by the articles issued by the Cornish army at Castle Canyke; 'And so we the Cornyshe men (wherof certen of us under stade no Englysh) utterly refuse thys newe Englysh.'

Some ten per cent of Cornwall’s population were killed – the majority in revenge away from the battlefields of Devon. The slaughter was carried out by German, Italian and Welsh mercenaries at the behest of the English crown." Pol Hodge http://www.cornish-language.org/English/ViewNews.asp?view=181smiley - wah

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