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Celtic history - Devon

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I am interested in the celtic peoples (being one myself) and was interested to see this site.

However it is a pity that the Celtic history detailed in the report deals only with the major battles etc.. of long ago.

I appreciate that a worldwide summary on such an important culture as the Celts should not get bogged down in to much detail in a small region, but it can give the wrong impression.

For example it gives the appearance that after 838AD the Celts in Devon and Cornwall (Dumnonia) were defeated and effectively were 'gone'.

That is not so! They did not 'go', we are still here.

Although over time the Anglo-Saxon's did move westward and ended up assuming some sort of authority over first Devon and then Cornwall, the people were (and remain) largely Celtic in origin.

The evidence is that there was 'reasonably' peaceful co-existence - particulrly after the Saxons became christianised in the 6/7th Century.

This ongoing Celtic lineage can now be evidenced by genetic investigations (see the BBC 'Blood of the Vikings' site).

However there has been a sorry lack of education on the true history of this region (and no doubt others around Britain) in the name of a unified education system. The focus on the fiction of a pure anglo-saxon heritage seems to date back to Victorian times.

Nevertheless the truth will out.

In recent times there has been a resurgance in interest in our celtic past - firstly in Cornwall and more recently in Devon.

Perhaps the i/net helps this - there seem fewer Colonel Blimps in cyberspace. Discussion sites now exist regarding the Celtic History of Devon and a process to discuss and design a flag for Devon (refer BBC Devon website - Sense of place).

We seek recognition of our past and more influence over our future.

It may not happen overnight - but it will happen! Verghyans!

Celtic history - Devon

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Bran the Explorer

Hi Coref

All good points made ... I have written an article about the early history of relations between Wessex (Saxons) and Celts of Dumnonia (Devon and Cornwall) on another site. Here is the url (and I hope it comes out). I hope this goes some way to answering your questions.


Thanks for your interest.


Celtic history - Devon

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What was life like for the Celts in Dumnonia? Where can I find out what they would have eaten, worn, etc.? Ta!

Celtic history - Devon

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What area are you from?

Celtic history - Devon

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They didn't go from hen ogledd -northern england either. They are still here in northwest england, the pennines and to a lesser extent yorkshire. In the northwest (rheged) they have only lost their cumbric celtic language which has currently seven revival attempts on the go.

Celtic history - Devon

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Why hasn't any one replied yet?smiley - erm

Celtic history - Devon

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I think the Welsh marches are Celtic as well because they are close to Wales

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