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Robin Reed

There is a mention of an “Archie Andrews” in the introduction to this subject...that’s the name of the star of Archie comics. Is there a puppet character with the same name?
I’m a Muppet fan, but they’re well covered here, so let me metnion some others...in the category of ventriloquist figures you have to mention the immortal Charlie McCarthy, except perhaps that the subject “TV puppets“ doesn’t apply much because most of Charlie’s career was pre TV. However, you can see him in old movies on TV. A TV vent figure that I knew in my childhood was Danny O’Day, and his dog Farfel. I learned ventriloquism from his “How to be a Ventriloquist” record, and I had a Danny O’Day figure that I entertained with at a school talent show.
I saw the great “Kukla (without Fran) and Ollie” performed live twice at the Goodman theater in Chicago, just before the puppeteer died. His name isn’t coming to me right now. Can someone help?

Puppets, etc.

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In answer to your first question... you might want to look at the original puppets article here:

Archie didn't make it onto the OGE because the text was word for word the same as the related site. Oops. Though submitted by the website owner, so no problem of intellectual property theft, OGEs cannot contain text that is simply copied off other websties.

In answer to your second question... I hope so.

Puppets, etc.

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Moon da Misbegotten

I found a greay site for information when I was trying to place dates for the puppets I remembered. Take a look at "Yesterdayland" (http://www.yesterdayland.com). They have it all, including info about the heart behind Olli and Kukla J. Dragon: Burr Tillstrom (he left us in 1985).

Puppets, etc.

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Brilliant. Thanks for the tip. I suspect I'll be making many return trips into Yesterdayland when researching the additions to this entry.
Fancy becoming a fellow credited researcher yourself and doing one or two? Along the same veign as thos already there?

smiley - fish zb

Puppets, etc.

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Moon da Misbegotten

I started the research process already, and I'll flesh out the information as much as I can, and maybe add a few more. Most of the puppets I've mentioned I've only met in passing trivia, or knew in later reincarnations. If you can be patient, I'll have some well-worded prose to you by next weekend.

BTW Mystery Science Theater 3000 already has an official guide entry. Check it out.

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