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The Apprentice

Well done... although I'd dispute the Timewyrm series involved "...much running down of corridors to escape Nazis." - as the Doctor and Ace only tangled with the Nazis in one book of the four book series.

Also, Lance Parkin's 'Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time' is worthy of a mention, as it provides a timeline of the Doctor's adventures both onscreen, in the novels and elsewhere up to 1996 (or thereabouts). Interesting to read for Doctor Who fans and anyone trying to keep on top of the twisted continuity of the Doctor.

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The Apprentice

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I like this!

Speaking odf missing episodes, is it true that they'll never be able to novellise the Who episodes written by Douglas Adams, because Adams' agents got greedy and demanded fees/percentages on a par with those paid for the h2g2 trilogy? (ie, way beyond the ability of the Who publishers to pay, despite the fact anything with Douglas Adams' name on would be likely to sell like PanGalactic GargleBlasters at a heavy drinkers' convention)

Surely scope here exists for the Who publishers, and the Estate of Douglas Adams, to reach some sort of civilisecd reasonable compromise?

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Hi The Apprentice,

There's an updated version of the Brief History due out sometime soon, covering all the more recent stuff. I've only included fiction here, whereas technically books about the TV series are reportage. Sort of. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Yes, that's largely correct. Don't hold your breath for any settlement though. A large chunk of the unbroadcast Who story 'Shada', written by Adams, ended up in Dirk Gently's Hollistic Detective Agency.

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