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American Samoa

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Fascinating article, thanks; I loved the bit about kirikiti.
But can you add anything about American Samoa?
Why didn't it gain independence at the same time as Western Samoa? Were any voices raised about that when it happened? Does anyone know whether 'American' Samoans are happy with the division or not, or maybe don't care? And is there any 'United Samoan' movement in Samoa? Does the US government have any official position on any eventual decolonisation?

American Samoa

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Hello there smiley - smiley

I made the decision not to write about American Samoa because I haven't been there and I don't know anything about it. They operate as quite separate countries, despite their common origins.

However, I do have an entry about Samoan history bubbling away in the background, which will address some of your questions. Keep an eye out for it smiley - bigeyes

smiley - cheers
F/b smiley - star

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