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How to wear a scarf

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I never wear scarves because they don't stay put and don't ever seem to cover the right places, but when I mentioned this to someone she said I just didn't know how to wear it right.

Here's her directions:

1. Fold the scarf in half (the short way, or anyway, the sum result is that the scarf is half as long)

2. wrap it around your neck

3. tuck the ends of the scarf through the loop at the folded end

4. pull snug

I haven't tried it yet, but it seemed left out of the entry,so here you go. smiley - biggrin

PS: Hats are always more stylish than hoods. So either you muss your hair or you look terribly middle class.

How to wear a scarf

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I've seen several people wear scarves that way, although I've never tried it. I usually start with the middle of the scarf over the top of my head, then wrap the ends around my neck one at a time so they end up in front. I can then tuck them inside my coat to keep them in place. Doing this way I can keep my head, ears, neck, chin and nose covered. My scarf is about seven feet long, hand knit of mid-weight yarn. Very warm smiley - ok

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How to wear a scarf

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