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Does this section only include cartoon television series. Because many cartoon movies are very good. Like anything by Ralph Bakshi or the recently released Titan AE.


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Yes, It's good that you've mentioned Ralph Bakshi the ground breaking cartoon animator, because I have very fond memories of the work he's made and directed, like, 'The Mighty Heroes', 'Spiderman', 'Rocket Robin Hood', 'Heavy Traffic', 'Wizards' that I thought was extremely clever technically, although with an utterly bizarre story, 'The Lord of the Rings' including fascinating special effects, utilizing the rotoscope technique amongst others as in 'Wizards', in which both 'The Fellowship of the Ring' and 'The Two Towers' were magnificently brought to life drawn in the style of Tolkien, followed on 3 years later with 'Fire and Ice' from drawings made by Franco Frazzetta, then the hilariously funny 'New Adventures of Mighty Mouse' and 'Cool World'. Another genius of cartoon animation who I feel is well worth mentioning by the way is Max Fleischer who invented both the 'rotoscope' and 'rotograph' respectively, creating 'Betty Boop' then 'Gullivers Travels' and 'Hoppity Goes to Town, (the only two full length animated features that he ever made) with animation of stunning quality along with the 'Superman' cartoon series made during the war years, at whose studios Bakshi initially began his career as a cell painter swiftly moving onto animation before taking the 'Famous studios' as they'd become in the meantime over from Paramount prior to moving onto 'Terrytoons' for a while.

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