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Interesting selection, but...

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That certainly was a fairly extensive (if not random) selection of animation, but no mention of Thundercats ??? Or the more cringeworthy Masters Of The Universe ? To be fair, I was enlightened on some of the Battle Of The Planets info (always thought 7-Zark-7 was a bit naff)! At least Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors got a mention, but can I just quote :

"The Lightening League were:

Flora, a young girl created from a plant.
Flora's pet flying fish.
Flora's robot puppies, the Zoggies.
A wizard called Gillian.
Herc a robot squire.
Brock, the captain of the Pride of the Skies II."

...aah, not quite. The robot squire was called Oom, and Herc was the fake-ass Han Solo/Captain of the Pride Of The Skies II. I'm pretty sure Brock was Flora's fish's name ? And to prove the extent of my Jayce knowledge, the Lightning League's vehicles were called Armed Force, Quickdraw, Trailblazer and Spiketrike.

I'm actually quite concerned that someone of my age is obviously proud to know that. Must get out more...

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Interesting selection, but...

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