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Ludwig the cartoon

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Researcher 200111

I remember that this cartoon featured the music of Ludwig Van Beethoven. Each scene featured a different piece and was probably meant to be educational. A bit like a more recent cartoon series called Oscar's Orchestra. The closing credits were also set to one of Beethoven's pieces - I think it was his Septet??

Ludwig the cartoon

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Ludwig the cartoon

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Gnomon - time to move on

The title music of Ludwig was the final movement of Beethoven's First Symphony.

Ludwig the cartoon

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You know, I have one almighty job trying to convince people around these parts that 'Ludwig' existed . . . they all look at me as if I'm mad!! (Easy mistake to make wiv me). I'm glad someone remembers this fine piece of animation artwork.

Ludwig the cartoon

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Jeff Mutton

I remember it - it was cracking. I'm in the middle of a debate about the best cartoons in history, and the Mysterious Cities of Gold is a clear winner

Ludwig the cartoon

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I knew this strange feeling till...today ! Do you remember the last words : "Hum hum... Ludwig !"

Ludwig the cartoon

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Gnomon - time to move on

Yes, I remember that.

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