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Potsworth and Co.

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Slim Jim

I believe, indeed, sincerely believe that you have omitted possible the best cartoon that has ever been and ever will be. The early '90s saw Potsworth and Co., and they reveled in its glory.
Seriously, it was produced in 1990 and starred the vocal talents of such well known artistes as, Charlie Adler, Christine Avila, Hamilton Camp, Brian Cummings, Jim Cummings and of course, Judyann Elder.
It was about a group of children, ordinary by day, who all met up in the "dreamworld" when they went to sleep. They all had token special skills, ie anything that they drew, became real etc. The titular Potsworth was a dog who, unervingly, was able to speak fluently, when in the dream world. They 'Dream Crew' were the defenders of good, including the ruler of the dreamworld, who of course slept and couldnt be woken. The foe of these heroic youngsters was the Nightmare Prince, a shady character who tried to give all children bad dreams. Many adventures were had, a sometimes members of the crew were eliminated when they woke up, or couldn't sleep.
Perhaps, it doesnt sound so good told by an obvious fanatic, but i am but 17 years of age so you must forgive the child-like enthusiasm. I was merely wondering whether or not any of the other reasearchers watched this show?

Potsworth and Co.

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Researcher 190579

hi Slim Jim
i totally agree with you about Potsworth and Co, it was the best! I have to make one correction though it wasnt the 'dream crew' as you said but it was the'dream team'. yes its sad that i know that but i loved the show that much! If you are interested its on bright and early every morning at 7am on BBC2,so if you want5 to relive your past then i suggest you get up.Dont worry about your childlike enthusiasm i know how you feel and im 20!
Id love to here from anyone else who loved the how!

Potsworth and Co.

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And Introducing... A Leg

I always suspected that Potsworth and Co was just a cynical attempt to get kids to go to bed at 7.30. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it, but it obviously had an ulterior (sp?) motive. Plus I never dreamed like that. I stayed up as long as I could. And who looked after the dreamzone when they were all awake?

Potsworth and Co.

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Alison (ACE)

Omg! I loved Potsworth and Co! But whenever I mention it to anyone else, they never seem to have heard of it, it's so frustrating. I was so excited when I saw the title of this post and realised someone else remembers it!

Remember the baddie who was so pathetic he always used to have to phone up his mum and he was always getting struck by lightning? What was his name?! Anyway, that was a great show.

Potsworth and Co.

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Jim the Wonder Llama (back from yonder)

When all us researchers threw ideas into the big hot melting pot of Cartoons, I'm sure I mentioned Potsworth. Along with a huge amount of other toons. But, I believe, my research wasn't detailed enough and I could only give sketchy details at best. Oh, and lots of theme tunes. Ah well, they live on in my head (and other people's too obviously).

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