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Damn, I need glasses

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I thought the subject was 'Throwing PANTIES' and was intrigued to learn more about this little researched subject.

Maybe I'll have to start a thread about this myself.

Damn, I need glasses

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*waits with baited breath*

Damn, I need glasses

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Pablo Ferral 'Thingite Distributor Of Bar Snacks'

'Wearing panties on your head' could also be an interesting subject for disscusion!

Damn, I need glasses

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Hmmm, I dunno. There's probably not a lot to say about this, although it could be one of the things people do at parties.

Smiliarly, there's probably not a lot to say about throwing panties either, unless you're Tom Jones, but then he'll know more about having panties thrown AT him.

I wonder WHY women throw panties at him. Are they implying that they want to offer sexual favours? Or do they really hate him but haven't got any rotten fruit or cabbages to throw? If the former, do they take clean spare pairs for that exact purpose, or remove the ones they're wearing ... or worse still, take pairs from their laundry basket before they've been washed.

Is that all there is to say on the subject, do you think?

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