A Conversation for Customising Old Clothes

good article!

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I like your article, I have tried this sort of thing on several occasions, but rarely finish anything.

one thing - who cares if everyone notices you've worn the same shirt ten times over? it's nice to have new clothes (or re-vamped ones for that matter) but it has occured to me that maybe this is the root of our problem as a habitualy wasteful society - the reality is that these are the clothes I own, and if I happen to have a favorite t shirt, i will wear it ten thousand times, and I don't care. there are some people out there who literaly won't go out in public in the same skirt twice, or won't wear anything they wore last year. for goodness sake! who can afford that!

sorry, got on my high horse a bit theresmiley - smiley

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good article!

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