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Becky Lindley

And very funny. I live in the fine state of New Mexico and frequent Roswell as an uncle lives there.

You are not kidding about the wind. Our spring "blows" have just started and I am already sick of them.

About the "red or green": try "Christmas". It is red and green mixed. Seriously good food.

Thanks for the write-up. smiley - smooch


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pailaway - (an utterly gratuitous link in the evolutionary chain)


I'm really glad you commented, and liked it too of course. Above all, my goal was to come up with something that another local would be able to say, 'hmm yes, that's about how it is' - so I'm relieved.

Also, yes, the winds have started - sigh. No amount of warning really prepares a person for their first 'blow'.

Thanks again.

smiley - biggrin

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