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The Daisy Dog's Vigil

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It was the tradition in China that Pekinese dogs were only to be owned by the Emperor and
his immediate family and kept within the Forbidden City. However in return for generous
gifts presented by ambassadors of Good Queen Bess, he proposed to send his finest dog
and bitch who travelled in the finest carved ivory box. These were to be accompanied on
the long sea journey by his niece, who was a very beautiful princess and wished to visit
the English Court.

The journey from Peking to Brittainy was uneventful - the bitch gave birth to five squealing
pups and the little dog fiercely protected his family and the princess. Having reached
Brittainy, the Princess and her precious cargo transferred to a English boat for the journey
up the channel and then up the Thames to Greenwich. However, almost as soon as the
ship left port the sea became rough and the sailors argued among themselves. As the
storm worsened, the crew muttered how the princess was a slant eyed demon and an
enchantress and that unless they tossed her overboard they would never survive the night.
Eventually three of them burst into the Princess's cabin to be greeted by the angry
dog. They took the ivory box and grabbed the Princess, dragging her up to the main deck.
From there, praying fervently for deliverance they threw her into the sea and the box after

The body of the drowned princess was washed up on a cornish beach along with the now
badly damaged box. None of the locals would go near her - having heard the stories of the
sailors from the ship that had put in at Plymouth. Only one man, who was considered by
other locals to be rather simple ventured onto the beach. He found the Princess, bitch and
pups were already dead and the little dog was dying. He burried the Princess with the
dead dogs and planted her grave with wild daisies in the shape of a cross. Then he took
the little dog and laid him in the middle of the daisies. The dog licked his hand gently and
then died. The man continued to tend the grave until he passed away. But the other locals
avoided the beach as much as possible for it was said it was guarded by the spirit of the

Sometime in the 1950s the beach became popular with tourists though locals tried to warn
them against going there. One day a young boy was playing on the beach and came
across a beautifully carved piece of ivory - as he bent to pick it up he felt a sharp pain as
though he had been bitten hard. He quickly fell ill and despite the best efforts of the hospital
he died 20 hours later. The Daisydog keeps its vigil still!

The Daisy Dog's Vigil

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Jimi X

Awesome! I'm going to tell that one to my oldest daughter tonight! It's sad, spooky, AND sweet!

Lochangel, you're the best! smiley - smiley Thanks for all your great stories!

The Daisy Dog's Vigil

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oh you flatter me smiley - smiley But I am glad you enjoyed them!

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