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Me and my shadow

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Actually a really weird thing happened the other week - I saw my first ghost when I
was about 14 and was unable to sleep for weeks afterwards but what happened a
couple of weeks ago was the weirdest.

I got home really late to my parents house where I was dogsitting. It was about ten to
one in the morning and I took the dog out without a lead. On the way back he
rampaged ahead up our drive. We live in area that was a prisoner of war camp
during the Napoleonic wars and the houses were built after the war ended. So they
are all early 19th C. I was walking along when suddenly I was aware of someone
coming up next to me very very fast - it was suddenly like bang! There was this man
next to me and I felt really really threatened. His face was right next to mine.
But when I turned to face him there was no one there.
This was all over in a matter of seconds but I can still remember him so
clearly - he was very tall and thin in 19th century clothing which had clearly seen better
days and he was wearing a stove pipe hat. I can even remember the colours of his
clothes. It was soooooo strange - I just ran and found the dog and locked myself in my
house. I really cannot explain it at all but it still makes me shiver to think about it.

I am also haunted by a house - two sets of friends owned a beautiful but very doleful Georgian Manor House, it had a strange atmosphere and no one really felt happy there. I have not been there for about 14 years but I dream about this house constantly. It doesn't neccessarily look like it does in real life but I always identify it as being Broughton House. The dreams tend to be nightmares or uncomfortable experiences. But it is always there. I dream about exploring it - every time it is different. I dream about buying it. Sometimes it is just in the background.

It is all very strange smiley - winkeye

Me and my shadow

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Jimi X

Thanks for the contribution!! smiley - bigeyes

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There is more:

When I was 16 I was fascinated by past life regression and decided to have it done. It was weird - don't let people tell you that when you are hypnotised you go to sleep - it is like being really really relaxed - you could open your eyes at any time but you do not want to because it is sooo comfortable.

Any way the hypnotherapist did the preliminaries and then asked me to describe my surroundings, I told her the truth that I saw nothing. Then she asked me to look down at my feet and describe what I saw. The most vivid images flooded into my head as I described sandals on my feet, the rough clothes I was wearing. Then I looked up and out over a rich and stunning landscape. Words just tumbled out of my mouth, images came into my head and I had no idea where there were coming from. She took me through my life as a monk in Italy and I described travelling through medieval Europe, witchcraft trials and most disturbingly of all burnings of women accused of being witches - all things I could not have known about. Apparently I was a scribe and illuminator - I remember the most stunning manuscripts.

The strangest thing was when she asked to me describe my death - I can still see the other Brothers standing round in a cold damp room dimly lit by tallow candles. I told her that I had come to Britain late in life and stayed there. My breathing became laboured, irregular and very very shallow and I remember this immense feeling of peace coming washing over me. And then nothing.

Now I am healthily sceptical about all this actually - I think the mind is a powerful thing. But not even I can explain what happened about 4 years later when I was at university. I was living in Kenilworth and one day all of my housemates and our partners went for a walk to the Abbey ruins. I have no recollection of any of this but apparently in the words of my ex I went "really really weird" as soon as I saw the ruins and went off to them. I kept telling him how I remembered the curve of the stone and the little room that is the only bit still standing. And then I started crying and telling him things about people I had known, about the library and the scriptorium. I spoke in Latin, english and italian (which admittedly I had to learn as part of the course) but not even I can explain the latin!!!!

Matt went running off to get help and when he came back I was out cold - I came round after about 15 minutes and was unable to remember a thing. To this day I don't remember anything - all I have is his testimony and he was so shaken up that I can do nothing but believe him!

Me and my shadow

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Dr E Vibenstein (You know it is, it really is.)

Wow..... now that *is* weird! smiley - sadface

Me and my shadow

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there are so many weird instances - the thing is Hereford Cathedral was particularly weird.

Me and my shadow

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Jimi X

Wow! What a cool story!!

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