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Cute hobbits???

Post 21

bludragon, aka the Dragon Queen of Damogran

Well, maybe they have been misunderstood all these years and need some better pr. smiley - winkeye

At least the grim reaper. I have spoken to him recently http://www.h2g2.com/U31306 and he seems to be a nice enough kinda fellow.

satan--I'm not so sure about. But I think Uncle Walt HAS done a cartoon featuring Old Nick. Night on Bald Mountain. An' even though he's a cartoon, he aint what I would call 'cute'. 'Course Uncle Walt was one heckuva cartoonist.


PS I still like the illustration of Bilbo. I like the idea that roundish, jovial beings can still be heroic.

Cute grim-reaper

Post 22

Researcher MrMondayMorning

Yeah a nice dude. But to go as far as to call him 'cute'?
Even uncle Walt couldn't do much about that and we all know he can do almost anything. Well he could do almost anything.
Our GR-friend wanted him for the PR-job but somehow Walt wasn't to happy with GR visiting him. We aint have seen any cute creations from uncle Walt since. Maybe GR needs to work on socializing before going after a new PR-guy.

Anybody in for some group therapy to help our friend?

PS I like the illustrations where Bilbo is wearing his ring...

Cute grim-reaper

Post 23

bludragon, aka the Dragon Queen of Damogran

Now I didnt say the GR was cute, only that he wasnt such a bad sort. But maybe he DOES want to appear cute sometimes. Dunno.

But I think you're right about the GR's problems with socialization. Not what you would call the life of the party...
[sorry, couldn't resist]

But I don't think that a Dale Carnegie Course, or even therapy would really help him that much. It's what I would term the 'dentist' effect. Folks really seem to get uncomfortable about their teeth with a dentist around...


Cute dentists

Post 24

Researcher MrMondayMorning

Has GR visited the dentist lately. If he is afraid too, I think we got a big problem in the future.....

Shocked, really.

Post 25


Hello all...

I hate to be obvious, or anything...

But that picture you all sooooooo love is one that looks almost like one from the animated movie. I am more thinking that someone only has MS paint and was trying to avoid copyright infringement.

I agree is is a bad picture, and that they should not be cute. But perhaps we should view it in a different light. Kinda like modern art. Many people call it art, but it really is just a canvas painted solid red.......and they tell me it is worth a million dollars. You figure.


Graham Greene's version

Post 26

Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

LORD OF THE RINGS, by Graham Greene. His most light-hearted novel rattles along at a terrific pace towards a happy ending. "He was filled with hatred, disgust, contempt, loathing, malice: bitterness twisted his mouth around his nose: he was like a soul in purgatory impatient for a good long soak in the burning lake. Breathing was the worst horror of all. The casual deceits and the bland treacheries of the kindergarten barked like a big black dog in his ears. He closed his eyes and saw the unhappy balloons, the stolen rosary, the cheap mince. 'Cheer up,' appealed Gandolf. 'Just tell me how many I have to kill," spat Bilbo.

Cute hobbits???

Post 27


I always pictured hobbits as kinda cute...perhaps the good looking ones where cute? From tolkiena discriptions, "mostly good natured faces rather than pretty" and so on, I get that mostly they where downright ugly! But yeah, cute little hobbits, nice image. I dont get, however, that they wher in any way shape or form, green.

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